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DFB Players’ Agent Regulation


Since 01.04.2015 the DFB Players’ Agent Regulation (implementing a FIFA regulation) is in force. These provisions aim at natural or legal persons in relation to the engagement of the services of an intermediary by players and clubs to conclude an employment contract between a player and a club or a transfer agreement between two clubs. Some of the regulations have been ruled invalid by the Regional Court of Frankfurt a. M. on 29.04.2015 (Az. 2-6O 142/15) and the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt a. M. on 02.02.2016 (Az. 11 U 70/15 (Kart)). The rulings show how antitrust law effects and interacts with sports law since the DFB regulation is a decision by an association of undertakings under Art. 101 TFEU having anticompetitive effects. Therefore the goals (f. e. transparency of the services by players’ agents) need to be necessary and proportional.

Berlin, 03.06.2016

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Ricarda Baudis

Antitrust Law, Procurement Law
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