The law firms SCHRADE & PARTNER, TWP Rechtsanwälte, STSW Stoiński Świerczyński Zimnicka, Pistár, Navrátil Menčík, Musto Brazzini Cipolla, Mgr. Marcel Baker and Judicia Conseils work together within the legal Framework of an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) under the umbrella trademark SCHRADE.

This cooperation is the answer to the ever-increasing demand for transnational legal advice and rounds out our collective strategy of providing comprehensive advice in the areas of commercial law at the local level.

With offices in Berlin, Freiburg, Lahr, Singen, Tuttlingen and Villingen-Schwenningen in Germany, Dornbirn and Vienna in Austria, Krakow in Poland, Budapest in Hungary, Pilsen in Czech Republic, Bozen in Italy, Bratislava in Slovakai, Strasbourg, Lyon and Mulhousen in France the members of the EEIG maintain a strong regional presence and have an efficient infrastructure guaranteeing successful counselling at the focal points of national and international economic activities.

The members of SCHRADE INTERNATIONAL EEIG who comprise 100 attorneys are active in all areas of German, Austrian, French, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Italian, Slovak, France and further European and international commercial law. As a result of these human resources, the EEIG members can offer their clients advice and support in all areas of commercial law through specialists in all relevant fields of law, be it on a national, transnational or international level.

The members of the EEIG are especially capable of assembling larger teams of attorneys on short notice in order to work on, for example, major national and international merger and acquisition projects or initial public offerings.

As a matter of course, the members of the EEIG can provide you with attorneys specializing in litigation in order to protect your interests in court or in arbitration proceedings.

In addition, SCHRADE & PARTNER in Germany maintains an own Spanish Desk.

Furthermore, we maintain a close co-operation – outside of the EEIG – on a “best-friends basis” with our Swiss partner Raggenbass laywers – one of the leading law firms in the East of Switzerland featuring two offices at Amriswil and at Kreuzlingen.

Members of EWIV and Cooperating Partners



Cooperation Partners


The European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) is the oldest legal form for a co-operation of businesses. Its aim is to facilitate and promote cross-border cooperation within the member states. Our EEIG is formed by – meanwhile – eight independent national law firms based in Europe. They operate independently under the joint umbrella brand. The co-operation of the members of the EEIG is the answer to the ever-increasing demand for transnational legal advice and rounds up the joint strategy of providing comprehensive advice in all areas of business law at the local level. Please note that any and all contracts relating to legal counsel and representation are solely conducted with one of the eight national law firms.

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