Law On Commercial Leases

Another key focus is the advice on conclusion of rental and lease agreements contracts, especially in connection with administrative and commercial real property. The consultancy spectrum extends from the preparatory stage (letter of intent, draft lease, etc.), the contractual negotiations up to the signature of rental and lease agreements. In this regard we always take into account the individual interests of the client. This applies in particular where the property’s unique characteristics, for example special purpose properties such as retail properties, medical centers, hotels, nursing homes or other large commercial areas require specific rules regarding operating obligations, protection of competition or property preservation. In order to ensure and preserve the earning value of the property the rental and lease agreement should include needs made-to-measure regulations regarding contract duration, safeguarding the right of use (easements etc.), securing the value of rents/leases, ancillary costs, maintenance, extension works etc.

We also represent and advise our clients on the enforcement of their rights respectively the defence against claims under existing tenancies or on the termination and processing of tenancies.

We also represent our clients both in and out of court in the area of commercial leases.

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Dr. Simon Zepf

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