Company Law And Commercial Law

Company law and commercial law are traditional core activities of SCHRADE & PARTNER. Our comprehensive consultancy work begins with all issues relating to the establishment of companies and reaches from capital and equity measures right through to restructuring and potential liquidation proceedings. This is also a field where the succession in family-owned businesses plays a significant role — regardless of whether the business is incorporated or unincorporated.

An ever more important aspect in this context is the securities law, particularly the incorporation or the conversion into stock corporations, the transfer of shares and the preparation and accompaniment of general meetings of shareholders. We also counsel our clients in issues relating to the establishment of European stock corporations and of companies under foreign law operating in Germany.

In commercial law, our counselling and forensic focus lies on the law of commercial agency and the authorised dealership laws, and on legal issues in connection with commercial sales, for instance warranties and product liability. As the company and commercial law is often closely related to other fields of law such as the fiscal law and the labour law, we set up interdisciplinary teams if matters become more complex.


Christof Brösske

Dr. Michael A. Fritz

Dr. Roland Grimm

Christian Holwegler

Dr. Volker Hommerberg

Dr. Kerstin Kern

Dr. Hans-Joachim König

Dr. Michael Manger

Dr. Kathrin Piazolo

Martina Pinkepank

Enrico Reiter

Dr. Julia M. Schällig

Dr. Tilman Alexander Schierig

Dr. Thilo Schülke

Dr. Dirk Struckmeier

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