„Compliance“ may be en vogue, yet it is more than just another trend. That businesses must comply with current legislation, detect and identify risks, respond to infringements and draw consequences for the future corporate activity is not new. Because of our traditional role as legal adviser for businesses in all aspects of corporate and business law, SCHRADE & PARTNER has advised its clients with respect to these questions since 1976 as well.

However, the legal requirements for businesses, their representatives and employees have increased enormously during the last years. At the same time the sanctions faced in case of Non-Compliance have been drastically intensified by legislation. Financial penalties and compensations are only the monetary elements. “Natural sanctions” such as the erosion of confidence and trust among customers and suppliers on the one hand and business partners as well as shareholders on the other hand have often an even bigger effect on the respective business entities.

Our Compliance-Team offers solutions for your respective legal problems. You and your business benefit from the expertise of our highly qualified lawyers, especially in the fields of IT, data, corporate, capital markets, taxes, labor, antitrust, procurement law as well as tax and white collar crimes. This allows us to develop, implement and review a Compliance Management System (CMS) tailored for your business. We support you in introducing a Code of Conduct and internal Compliance guidelines. We also train your representatives and employees. And we offer internal investigations.

Among our clients in the field of Compliance are small and medium-sized businesses, stock-listed companies as well as globally acting groups.


Dr. Volker Hommerberg

Enrico Reiter

Jan Sklepek

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