Labour Law And The Law Of Contract For Services

In the field of individual labour law, SCHRADE & PARTNER provides legal advice for companies of all sizes in the design of employment contracts in a wide range of different industries with equally wide-ranging needs and requirements, such as fixed terms, variable remunerations, non-competition and pension commitments. We also take on the out-of-court representation in employment terminations and counsel mandates in labour courts.

We also advise companies and managers in the design, establishment and termination of employment contracts for directors and board members.

In collective labour law, our fields of work range from advising in the design and in negotiations involving plant agreements, social plans, collective wage and salary agreements and accompanying wide-ranging personnel measures, right through to advice in all matters and issues relating to works constitution and collective bargaining laws.

We have gathered a wealth of experience in accompanying corporate arrangements in terms of labour laws, for instance in the introduction of employee participation models and in the accompaniment of restructuring measures of companies and groups of companies in the course of takeovers or other business transactions.

Another focus of our law firm is providing advice for public institutions in the field of public service law and personnel representation law.


Christof Brösske

Dr. Thomas Daum

Dr. Michael Manger

Martina Pinkepank

Dr. Simon Zepf

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