Mergers And Acquisitions (M & A) / Corporate Restructuring

SCHRADE & PARTNER focus in their consulting work mainly on small and medium-sized businesses, but we also assist major groups in the preparation and completion of national and international mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

A brief outline of our range of services:

  • We generate a business-related documentation by way of a sales memorandum
  • We contact potential buyers or sellers
  • We draft letters of intent and confidentiality agreements
  • We ensure the preparation and completion of legal company reviews (Due Diligence)
  • We prepare drafts of the transaction agreements
  • We assist in the negotiations of the transaction agreements
  • We advise and counsel in relation to the anti-trust authorities
  • We advise on further issues, particularly on the actual transfer of the business

For the consulting services in connection with international corporate transactions, we have access to several layers familiar with foreign law. If required, Schrade & Partner can also draw on the services of friendly law firms abroad.


Christian Holwegler

Dr. Hans-Joachim König

Dr. Kathrin Piazolo

Enrico Reiter

Dr. Tilman Alexander Schierig

Dr. Thilo Schülke

Dr. Dirk Struckmeier

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