Law In The Higher Education Sector

The nature of higher education has become more diverse; the educational offer of private universities now goes beyond what has been traditionally offered by the public sector. SCHRADE & PARTNER puts great emphasis on resolving the new legal issues resulting from this development. The core competences of our firm relate to corporate and labour law, commercial legal protection and federal and state laws associated with higher education.

Our lawyers offer their practical experience and consult on the matters of legal recognition and internal organisation of private universities across several federal states. This includes drafting of articles of association, university statues and regulations, as well as assistance in transacting with third parties. A further focus of our legal services extends to research projects and cooperations involving privately organised partners. This includes questions associated with project funding and the relative requirements of procurement law.

Law in the public higher education sector is shaped by the right of the university and its employees to self-administration through collegial bodies and the fundamental right to freedom of science in the form of freedom of research and teaching. We support the university providers, institutions and members in the constitution and defense of these rights with the help of our expertise.


Dr. Michael Manger

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schatz

Dr. Tilman Alexander Schierig

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