Transformation Law

Restructuring existing companies and groups or group operations is another core activity of SCHRADE & PARTNER. Structural changes are often called for when complex tax law considerations come into play. The need to restructure may, however, also arise in the event of changes in laws. Or a company sees itself compelled to restructure as a result of certain internal developments (acquisition of another business, joint venture, developing or divesting other business branches or setting up a holding structure). A classic case of corporate transformation is the change in legal form in preparation for an initial public offering when it is often necessary to first transform the company into a stock corporation and/or to realign individual business sectors by splitting or merging.

The Law Regulating Transformation of Companies and the Transformation Tax Act have prepared the ground for the flexible and comprehensive restructuring of companies, with splitting and separation offering new options for transformation.

The previous options for other restructuring measures continue to exist after the Law Regulating Transformation of Companies has taken effect. SCHRADE & PARTNER also provides you with advice on these options.


Christian Holwegler

Dr. Volker Hommerberg

Dr. Hans-Joachim König

Dr. Julia M. Schällig

Dr. Tilman Alexander Schierig

Dr. Dirk Struckmeier

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